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Personal best tracking

A fast-loading, single-page scoreboard showing an athlete’s personal best scores for a set of fundamental performance measurements from powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, running and rowing. Weights displayed in either kgs or lbs.

Benchmark scores

Scores are compared to standard benchmarks for men and women, enabling athletes to identify their strengths or weaknesses and to set performance targets. A summary rating is also provided for each movement category.

Training notes

Athletes can record personal training notes for each movement, useful for remembering technique tips, corrections, safety points, and training drills given by a coach. Movements can be highlighted to focus on during training.

Score history

Ability for athletes to track movement scores over time and monitor their performance gains and improvements. Useful for remembering past achievements, maintaining motivation and forward momentum.

Percentage calculator

Weightlifting movements provide a handy breakdown of your personal best score in percentages to assist in volume training. Guide reps are provided, as well as kgs to lbs conversions in case your strength program requires.

Team scores

All movements allow comparison of scores with training partners. After first adding friends to a team list, an athlete can view the scores of their whole team for a particular movement, or select a single athlete to compare all movement scores.

Team alerts

When an improvement is made to a personal best score, an alert is sent to an athlete’s friends via a newsfeed. The team can share comments and discuss what training methods or improvements in technique led to the performance gain.

Measure your strength

A free tool for athletes to measure their strength and conditioning then compare scores with standard benchmarks and training partners.

The application tracks fundamental performance measurements from powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, running and rowing.

Improve your performance

Use the Athlete Scoreboard to keep your training honest, balanced and focused. Track your performance improvements over time.

Compare your scores with benchmarks to identify weaknesses. Share your scores to stay accountable and motivate training partners.


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